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Management Team

Secured Parking Systems provides a complete range of parking management services designed to improve your customer satisfaction and your bottom line. From small lots and valet service for family owned restaurants to the management of large garages for airports and hospitals, we have you covered.

Our team at SPS creates a controlled and smooth experience for each and every one of your clients. You can count on the expertise of SPS to ensure an organized system of safe and supervised traffic flow, as well as strategic directional parking, creating a convenient system of parking for all parking lot control.

Team Members

Each one of our team members has been handpicked based on experience, professionalism and athleticism. We take pride in our team members having an abundant amount of experience in the valet industry and each of our employees goes through intensive physical and educational training to ensure that they are fully prepared to provide the best service.


For 10 years, Secured Parking Systems has been expanding its management services to include a wide range of different venues along the east coast. We do this by having a comprehensive understanding and approach to all parking scenarios, a professional yet classic look, and the necessary decorum to accommodate all settings.


SPS offers transportation services across New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. We service more than 15 commercial locations. 24 hours 365 days a year – Our call center and service is available around the clock. We will ensure your requests are met, no matter where you are booking your transportation.


SPS is licensed and insured. SPS has an in-house legal team that handles any and all disputes that may arise with patrons at no cost to our clients. In addition, all city license and permits, insurance, bonding and third party agreements relating to servicing our clients are prepared in-house at no extra cost.

Custom Designed Plan

Get a custom-designed plan to maximize volume and provide the most efficient operation for your requirements and unique layout. Leverage our strategic space planning expertise, to implement the most efficient method of vehicle parking, and to enjoy a greater capacity, greater customer convenience, and a greater ROI for you. Benefit from trained and managed on-site resources that have mastered the art of balancing appropriate customer interaction time with efficient parking operations.

Our Systems


Expertise in planning to maximize attendance and parking capacities

Professional Staff

Professional and friendly
uniformed staff

Customer Communications

Effective and clear customer

Traffic-flow Management

Clear signage and efficient
traffic-flow management


Integrated security processes
and procedures

Overflow Management

Overflow management utilizing satellite facilities and shuttle services

Auditing and Reporting Systems

24/7 direct contact with
SPS owners


Experienced, accessible and
responsive management

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